Why We Use Xpel Coatings

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Product Overview: XPEL’s Superior Protection 

Selecting XPEL for your vehicle is a top-tier coating, providing a durable shield for your car’s exterior against common road perils and relentless sun exposure, which is especially important to our customers here in central FL. Unfamiliar with XPEL’s high-caliber offerings? Let’s run through why we use XPEL vehicle protective films and tints. 

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Advanced Technology at the Forefront: 

XPEL distinguishes itself through innovation and advanced technology. Their proprietary film combats the risk of discoloration, ensuring your vehicle avoids the dreaded yellowing effect. Stain-resistant technology fortifies their films and coatings, enabling them to withstand severe conditions. XPEL’s commitment to excellence is evident in their edge seal technology, which prevents lifting and delamination, ensuring their films adhere firmly for enduring protection. 

XPEL’s pioneering spirit is also captured in their Design Access Program (DAP), the most extensive pattern repository globally. This software endows XPEL Certified Installers with over 80,000 patterns, enabling precision and accuracy in every application for a flawless finish. 

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Unrivaled Customer Support: 

XPEL’s customer service is a testament to their dedication to satisfaction. While other companies falter in customer care, XPEL shines with a responsive, informed team ready to support installers and customers alike. With 24/7 on-call assistance, they ensure no query goes unanswered, aligning with their philosophy that a dissatisfied customer is an opportunity for excellence. When your detail shop uses pro tools, you get pro results.  

Industry-Leading Warranty: 

XPEL’s confidence is backed by one of the industry’s most robust warranties. Their paint protection films come with a ten-year warranty, while their window films boast a lifetime defect-free guarantee, covering you for discoloration, fading, peeling, cracking, or delamination, with a promise of free replacement if needed. 

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Exceptional Quality Assurance: 

The remarkable warranty XPEL offers is rooted in the exceptional quality of their products. Their exhaustive design and testing process is unparalleled, ensuring that every film endures rigorous scrutiny and real-world testing before release. XPEL’s films are not just resistant to staining and yellowing but also offer superior protection against the elements and environmental aggressors. 

Revolutionary Protection Innovations:

XPEL revolutionized the industry with their self-healing film in 2011, a groundbreaking innovation that allows the film to repair scratches, keeping your vehicle’s paint pristine over time. As the original pioneers of self-healing topcoat technology, XPEL remains confident in their product’s unparalleled quality and effectiveness. 

A Tradition of Excellence:

For over two decades, XPEL has solidified its reputation through a relentless pursuit of quality. Rigorous testing and proven performance under the toughest conditions ensure that your vehicle not only stays protected but also maintains its aesthetic appeal. 

We Choose XPEL for Unmatched Vehicle Care:

When considering paint protection film, window tinting, or ceramic coating, opting for XPEL’s products is a wise decision. For more information on why XPEL stands above the rest in vehicle protection solutions, feel free to reach out to us or visit the XPEL site directly. Let XPEL be the guardian of your vehicle’s integrity and beauty while we make sure the coating is installed to the standards required. 


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