SAGE auto storage facility

Pristine Vehicle Storage

We are the only local vehicle storage facility in Lakewood Ranch, FL. Conveniently located next to Sage Auto Studios, our brand new facility has everything you need.

  • anything three months or under $500 a month 
  • six months or less 450 a month  
  • a year is $400 a month. 

Space is limited so reserve your spot now!

Brand New AC Controlled Building

Whether you are looking for seasonal auto storage or longer, our state-of-the-art facility has it all. Rest easy knowing that the building is:

  • Hurricane proof
  • Fire proof
  • Windowless
  • Insured
  • Monitored by security cameras
  • Triple insulated
  • AC controlled
  • and has triple chargers for the vehicles 
SAGE Car Storage Photo 01

AUto Maintenance Included

We are much more than basic auto storage. We know cars can’t sit for long periods of time without affecting performance. We cover the following maintenance tasks for you:

  • We check tire pressure.  
  • We move the car so the tires don’t get flat.  
  • Everything has time to lubricate and flush through.  
  • We do an inspection on it every month.  
  • We do a complimentary wash vacuum once a month if requested.  
  • We record the air pressure on tires, the oil and fluid levels.