How To Protect Vinyl Wrap & Prevent Peeling

white and black car wrap

Nowadays, spending hundreds or even thousands of dollars on a crisp new vinyl wrap is the best way to make your car stand out from the crowd, which, let’s face it, is all any gearhead wants. 

The absolute LAST thing you want is for it to get torn apart the second you hit the highway. So let’s figure out how to protect vinyl wrap & prevent peeling.

Sadly that can be an issue with some (not all) newer vinyl wraps. Nobody likes to waste money on custom wraps that make their dreams a reality just to those dreams crash and burn moments later. To help prevent that, we have created a guide to help you on your journey to keep your ride looking sweet as candy.

Does Vinyl Wrap Peel off Easily?

This is the most common question asked hands down. You wanna do something new and fresh with your car right? 

I mean who in their right mind wouldn’t if they were fortunate enough and passionate enough to have the opportunity to. 

There are many reasons for wanting to peel the vinyl wrap off. The most common reasons for peeling vinyl wrap off a car are to: 

  • Restore the original paintwork beneath
  • Update up your work car’s branding / contact info
  • Switch our the wrap for a new style 

How Long Does It Take to Peel off Vinyl Wrap?

As long as it was initially applied properly, and not done in some slapped up half baked attempt, the vinyl can be removed in 1-2 days at best. Removing the vinyl isn’t particularly difficult, but it does require patience.

The slow grind makes putting on the new wrap that much sweeter though. Yet another example of car work where you can spend the whole day focused on one single task.

How Long Does Vinyl Wrap Last on Cars?

This one is a little harder to judge. Our experience says that the 5-7 year mark is the sweet spot. 

But this depends on a trillion different things that can affect this. The brand of the car, the way the wrap is applied, how careful you are with it when it’s applied, and where you drive the car. 

I can hear the pain from every single enthusiast reading this. Clients that want wraps applied also like to drive fast.

Hey, us too.

But if ripping around dirty roads will tear up a wrap fast. Your “0-60 in 3.5” speed will only encourage your wrap to wear down faster.

If a car is used this way every day with it on, the lower end of 5 years is the rough mileage you’ll get out of it. 

Slow drives are clean roads will keep your wrap fresh for longer… but that’s not very fun is it?
Another thing to make them last longer is how you take direct care of them.

How To Take Care of Vinyl Wrap?

Same concept as cleaning your car. Whether you pay to have it done at a car wash, a manual wash, or you get your 7 year old nephew to do it (not speaking of personal experience or anything).

Washing your car is an essential and regular thing to do that you want to be done properly – the same goes for the vinyl. 

Like anything, it will gather dust, become dirty and begin to crack if not cleaned properly. If you want to do it properly, my advice for the best results that your car deserves is the following:

Make sure to use a properly tailored car sponge. Or if that’s not available and the wrap can’t be easily rubbed off, a clean and soft cloth to wash your wrap will do the job decently. 

Rinse your car with clear water after washing as you would normally, but the key difference is to get the best results is to minimize water spots by using a leather cloth to remove water — it works wonders.

After this, dry the whole car with a clean microfiber cloth, and just like that, you’ve extended your vinyl wrap’s lifespan. Keep up this routine through the lifespan of your wrap. 

Can You Polish Vinyl Wrap?

Luckily, you can polish vinyl too, and it’s not as difficult as you might think. The only problem is that to get the best result, you’ll need to use vinyl specific cleaning and polishing gear. That’s because standard polishing products meant for other materials may damage your wrap and erode the layers. 

Think of it as the difference between hair wash and body wash, you could theoretically interchange them… but realistically, who would? 

We all make sure to buy 2 different types of products to keep ourselves in tip top condition — to look and feel our best. Our cars deserve the same, some may even argue our cars deserve more than we do. After all, what car guy doesn’t spend more time on their ride than on themselves?

Where Is the Best Place To Buy Vinyl Wrap for My Car?

As previously mentioned, if you want it done, best to do it properly. Professionally catered is the way to go because the risk of damage to our beloved cars isn’t an option. 

Experience is another key element because what’s better than a barrage of positive reviews and reputation. 

At the end of the day, credibility proves that the job at hand isn’t being carried out in some dodgy back street affair. 

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