Ceramic Window Tint

Ceramic Particle Technology
Contains a proprietary blend of ceramic particles to act as a solid barrier to infrared heat while maintaining the ease of install in a 1.5 mil construction.

Superior Heat Rejection
Our multilayer nano-ceramic particle technology blocks up to 98% of the infrared heat. 

UV Ray Protection
XPEL PRIME XR PLUS provides SPF 1,000 protection that effectively blocks over 99% of harmful UV rays that can lead to numerous skin cancers, premature aging, and skin cell damage. 

Feature Corvette

Front Doors

$ 175

Sides and Back

$ 375-475
  • Price varies by vehicle type


$ 250-400
  • Standard - Exotic/Classic


$ 150-300
  • Small panel - Med Panel

All Windows

$ 627-725
  • Price varies by vehicle type

Extra Small Windows

$ 50
  • Per Window (if applicable)


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